About Us

Cracker Boy Seasonings was born in December of 1997 in Brent Price's home kitchen. They started small - very small. Brent Price and his two young children used to sit in front of the TV at night labeling bottles. Brent would drive up and down the Florida coast personally delivering  to a group of seafood shops, meat markets, mom & pop grocery stores and produce markets. Something this good is hard to keep secret...Word spread, and now Cracker Boy Products are in over 200 retail locations, at outdoor trade shows and online. Over the years, the lineup has grown to include Cracker Boy® and Girl Seasonings, Lemon Pepper and a line of great dipping and barbecue sauces. The term "Cracker" comes from the old days when Florida cowboys called themselves "Crackers" 

Cracker Boy® Seasoning has been featured at many hunting and fishing shows like the National Wild Turkey Federation Convention and Banquet held in Charlotte, North Carolina in February of 1999. Throughout this 2 1/2 day show, over two thousand bottles were sold to lines of people who simply tried it on some tomatoes, cucumbers or celery. What a testament! 

We have also been featured on Nashville Tennessee's CBS affiliate (WFTV-5) noon show, "Talk of the Town." as well as the Southern Woods and Water show.

Cracker Boy®, Cracker Girl™®, and Cracker Boy Lemon Pepper® can be enjoyed on meats of all types, seafood, vegetables (cooked or raw), salads, and poultry, and can be found at Wal-Mart SuperCenters in Central Florida and other great public markets in the South East.

The Story Behind Our Name

The term "cracker" was originally used in the 16th century to describe braggers. The original root of the word, crack, would refer to "entertaining conversation," much like today we use the phrase "to crack a joke". By the 1760s the English applied the term “cracker” to the Scots-Irish and English American settlers of the remote southern back country. The word later became associated with the cowboys of Georgia and Florida, many of them descendants of those early frontiersmen who had migrated South. There's even a breed of horse known as the Florida Cracker Horse.

Among some Floridians, the term is used as a proud or playful self-description. Since the huge influx of new residents into Florida in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, the term "Florida Cracker" is used informally by some Floridians to indicate that their families have lived in the state for many generations. It is considered a source of pride to be descended from those early frontier people who did not just live but flourished in a time before air conditioning, mosquito repellent, and screens. 

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