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Cracker Boy

Cracker Boy Sweet & Spicy Wing Sauce 12 oz

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    Cracker Boy's Gluten-Free Low Calorie Sweet & Spicy Wing Sauce

    Cracker Boy's Low Calorie Sweet & Spicy Wing Sauce will entice you to seek out the nearest Barbeque in your area merely to share this famous flavor. This isn't your typical wing sauce. We meticulously combine our sauces so that they have a bit of a kick. With this low-calorie sweet and spicy wing sauce, toss your wings to a beautiful glaze.

    Cracker Seasoning gives you a savory kick you won't soon forget. You'll never want to use another brand again! As it meets the grill or fire, our spice is powdered so finely that it melts and disperses a wonderful taste throughout your dish.

    Use this before or after cooking beef, pork, poultry, vegetables, shellfish, and other meals for a unique flavor.


    • Zero Fat
    • ONLY 50 Calories
    • 100% Gluten-Free

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