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Cracker Seasonings

Cracker Girl 7-Pepper Hot Sauce 12oz

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    Cracker Girl's Low-Calorie 7-Pepper Hot Sauce Sauce

    Cracker Girl 7-Pepper Hot Sauce is a mouthwatering hot sauce catered for those who love to add a little spice into their lives. Coming from a vinegar base, we curate a smooth blend of 7 different peppers. Some of the peppers included are : cayenne pepper, ghost pepper and chipotle pepper.

    This goes great on black eyed peas, chicken wings, pho and many other cuisines.

    After trying Cracker Seasoning, you won't want to use any other brand of sauce. Our sauce is mixed so finely once it reaches the grill or fire that it melts and disperses a delightful flavor throughout your food.

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